Tuesday, December 21, 2010

last minute stocking stuffers

Made 2 crayon rolls for 2 Dodger lovin brothers for stocking stuffers, fast, easy, and cheap....yet useful! Thats the best part, check out this easy to follow tute.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Modern Meadow Quilt

IT IS DONE! I love the way it turned out and I love that I made something for me! This fabric is so lovely to look at and is so inviting to cuddle up with to read books, and knit away with in my grandpas old chair.  Looking forward to winter with it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Modern Meadow Quilt Top

Just finished a quilt top for a lap quilt for Fall.
Now that I am looking at it all together I am seeing I could have turned a few rows so matching fabrics were more spread out , but this is one of those projects I just want to finish, you know what I mean?
I have 2 quilts and 3 wall hanging to machine quilt and just want to get to it!
I bought the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow set in Sunny Day  from Hawthorn Threads and could not wait to dive in. My photo does not do the colors justice, when it is quilted I will take a better picture outside!

Monday, September 27, 2010

pillowcase love....

new photos:

I have made 6 pillowcases recently and have become very fond of making them...when I am not rushing and making foolish mistakes like pulling too hard when seam ripping and ripping the fabric instead of the thread....UGGGG, this is when I put the fabric down and walk away from the machine,  Well I picked it up again today to finish a gift.  My pillowcase journey started with this post, then it was changed when I read this tutorial and I ended up making my pillowcases with a comination of the two, I used the french seam idea for the side and bottom but used the "snake roll" as I am calling it for the top and it comes together soooo fast and so profdessional, I am addicted for sure.  Many more to come I hope, I want some for me!

My fabric choice for this set was:
Patricia Brave, Alhambra II
Main case: Arabesque Buds in Ivory
Cuff:: Tile Reflection in Olive
Trim: Mazy Bricks in Teal
Alhambra II Arabesque Buds Ivory by Art Gallery Fabrics - 1 yard
Alhambra II Tile Reflections Olive by Art Gallery Fabrics - 1 yardALHAMBRA II, Mazy Bricks in Teal  by Art Gallery Fabrics, 1 yard

Friday, August 6, 2010

tuttie tute:: two handed oven mit

This two handed oven mit hangs on the oven door ready to use, its pretty, practical, fast  and easy....so whats stopping you from sewing?

step 1. CUT
 2- 8"x24" main fabric (the stripes)
 1- 8"x24" insulbright (heat reflective batting)
4- 8"x8" for pockets (2 for outer 2 for lining)
2- 8"x8" fusible fleece
2- 3"x8" decorative band (dots)
binding I cut my binding 3" wide (you can use store bought but why?)
step 2. CURVE
find a plate and cut your curves

step 3. POCKETS
starting with the bottom layer
lining wrong side up
fusible fleece
outer fabric right side up
(you can fuse in this step if you choose to use fusible fleece any batting works fine)

quilt a pattern or around the fabric design
pin and stitch decorative band right sides together to straight edge of pocket 1/4" seam

press upward
press raw edge to seam and then fold the folded edge of to your stitch line and pin
stitch in the ditch from the front

step 4. quilting

layer the large pieces
outer wrong side up
outer right side up

pin and machine quilt

step5.  attach pockets
pin pockets right side out to right side of main
stitch around pocket outer edge

step 6. BINDING
pin binding to BACK all the way around leaving about 4-5" open - stitch 1/4"
bring the left overs to the middle and finger press, pin and pull out to stitch binding seam
trim excess then stitch to mit
that might be confusing so check out molly's sketchbook on where i learned this revolutionary binding process (scroll down to "finish binding ends")

this is how it looks after the binding seam
after stitched down
now press binding to seam and turn to the front
pin and top stitch 1/8"
by stitching the binding to the back it allows you to top stitch on the front so you are sure to catch all the layers, sometimes when top stitching binding on the back side to the front suffers.

hope you get many tasty thing out of the oven with your mit

fabrics I used:
Joel Dewberry Aviary  - Broad Strip in green and Rose Damask in green
to dot is a scrap from an old project I don't know the name sorry :-(

Thursday, July 1, 2010

tuttie tute:girly party gift

I LOVE making kids gifts because:
they are often free and made with scraps
they use up scraps
they are fast
always original
are you convinced of making kids gifts yet?
this is my quickest go to girls purse
I used Amy Butler Lacework /Olive for the outer, Garden Maze/Olive lining and Martini Dot/Blush for the straps and flower. We are going to fill the purse with nail polish and pretty tissue then it will be our gift bag also!

Here are the basics:
2- 13x13 outer and lining
1- 13x13 fusible interfacing
2- 12x1 1/2 for handle
1- 2 3/4x 5 3/4 piece of plastic, cardboard or anthing sturdy for bottom (it wont be seen)

1. Cut your outer, lining and interfacing together 13x12 1/2
then fold in half short end to short end and cut out a 1" square at the fold on both sides, this will give you a box bottom
2. Iron on interfacing to wrong side of outer fabric
3. Cut Handle cut 2 pieces, bias tape can be used or you can make your own, ribbon is also nice here.
4. If using your own fabric, fold in half lengthwise and iron
open and fold over 1/4" on each side to incase raw edges, I like to sew 2 rows of stitching 1/8" on both sides
5. Assemble purse
sew side seams on outer 5/8"
sew lining sides seams the same as outer only leave a 2" opening in the middle for turning later
6. Press side seams and stitch bottom seam 1/2" across, this creates the box look
7. Attach handles to top 2" in from side seams
8. Turn lining inside out and push outer into lining to top edges line up and stitch 5/8" seam around
9. Turn through opening in lining side seam, press, top stitch as desired
10. Cut bottom and insert in the lining opening then stitch opening closed, press
The purse is finished and no time to embellish
Fabric Flower:
-rip 2 strips of fabric one aprox. 2x10 and one aprox. 1x8 I just eyeball this for the size of flower I am wanting, and I like to rip the fabric to get frayed edges, they could also be pinked.
-sew a long running stitch on one side of each strip
-pull the thread to gather, as you do this the fabric starts to curl, let the fabric shape itself and once you get ot the desired fullness spiral the gathered ends around and add a needle to the gathering thread and stitch flower middle to secure it, add a button ad pin back or stitch directly to purse.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

quick mother's day gifts

there are many gift ideas that I come across and want to make, what it really comes down to is:
do I have to go to the store to make it and do I have the time?

I know this blog is about sewing but I also LOVE to crochet
so I had all of the supplies to whip up this nice set of body scrubs
here is what to do:

to crochet a little scrubbie:
use a small hook about H or so any size will do
cotton yarn or whatever you have, I used peaches n cream its nice and soft

chain 4 and join with slip stitch
in circle DC 17, join
2 SC in each DC around, finish off
repeat for a second piece but dont finish off
hold the two discs together and SC through both loops joining the 2 discs together, ch3 continue around
I made a loop on some:
2 strands SC 10 and fasten
2 strands SC10 and fasten at 2 points for a little holder

Body Scrub:
Lidded Glass Jar
2 cups epsom salt
1 cup carrier oil (I had olive oil)
8 drops essential oil (I used lavender)
food coloring

drop essential oil in the carrier oil and stir into salt, then add a little coloring and stir until color is even makes 2 cups, press into jars and decorate.
We made a personalized label and added some fresh lavender to top it off for a nice presentation

Friday, March 12, 2010

tuttie tute: dishtowel

Finished Dimensions: 16"x24"
Supplies: Main fabric totaling to 17" wide x 27" long
Backing Absorbant fabric such as Cotton Birdseye (what diapers are made of)
Matching Thread

Cutting Fabric:
Use one solid piece or piece several fabrics together as I have done.  An easy way to do this is cut several strips and sew them together then cut your final dimensions.  I used flat fold cloth diapers that I had on hand for the backing.  I did not want the white to show on the front so my backing fabric is 1" shorter than my front

Sew the short end pieces first, this way you can fold the front to the back then do the side seams.  Below is a picture of the end seam pressed.
Then smooth out the front and fold over to back.  This is where the back pice being shorter comes in.  I iron a crease on the ends to give me a guide for when I turn wrong side out to stitch the sides.
Line up both ends and stitch side seams, dont forget to leave a space for turning the project like I almost did.  It is better to leave this opening sometwhere in the middle.  Trim corners.
Turn project and push out corners with corner tool.  Press.

I like to top stitch all the way around 1/8" to keep the towl together.

I love this Rober Kaufman fabric so much, it is very kitcheny, once again I wish they were for me.  Sometimes it seems that all I do is make gifts, but I love doing it.
The store had the beater frbric in black and white which I must go back and get for myself.
Excellent gift.  Pair it togehether with a pot holder, and ruffle gloves. tute comming soon.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lovin' Amy Butlers Love collection

EASY yoga bag, free pattern from Amy Butler Nigella Yoga Bag, I used the new Love Home Dec fabric Trumpet Flowers in Pink.  This bag took about 2 hours, it is lined and simple to sew.  I just wish it was for me :-(  But....this fabric will be making a re-appearence, I LOVE IT!

Friday, February 19, 2010

braided headbands

made these headbands for my daughter and her friends.
  • 3 pieces of fabric in 3 colors cut to 1"x20"
  • 1 piece of elastic cut 4"
1-stack up the fabric strips, lay elastic ontop and stitch over a few times to make it sturdy
2-pull the elastic back and top stitch over the fabric, I spread out the fabric so it was less bulky under the presser foot
3-braid, keeping the printed side up
4-repeat step 1
try it on!
they are a little snug at first but stetch out over time

Thursday, February 18, 2010

well I promised a picture of binding....but its not on my quilt

had to finish a birthday present, once I learned how to make little zipper bag from here, I went crazy making all sizes and shapes, once you learn the basic technique you will love to make bags of all kinds, and you really don't need patterns. Sometimes I shop around online a famous makers to see whats out, they usually give the exact dimensions of their bag. Then I sketch it out with what I want and get to cutting. You can get a stash of zippers in a variety of colors from a couple of supply sellers on etsy, then its fun to go to your fabric closet and pull out scraps then get a funky zipper to match, its cheaper this way also to buy 10 at a time. So since i discovered binding my seams on Vera Jean I have been doing it ever since, on almost every project I make.I quilted free motion around the deer and put her name in for fun

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stiching and stiching and stitching......

Down to my last 18 rows of machine quilting on quilt #1 for the twins "little bits quilt". This portion of the process has taken much longer than I had anticipated, stitching rows the length of the quilt every inch, BUT...that's what will make it pretty later. The only thing keeping me going right now is that I will get to do binding VERY SOON!

I hope to have a binding picture tomorrow if I don't get too side tracked making another birthday present.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cloth napkin love.....

last summer my daughter and I decided to sew cloth napkins for our family, to see if we like using them we decided to use scraps first. So I got to cutting with the rotary, she ironed and I let her sew the hems, this is a great 1st project. There is a little corner trick if you want your napkins to look professional, look here for detailed instructions. I have used this method for napkins and table cloth corners, very nice. My next inspiration comes from good ol' purlbee because I LOVE BINDING these are great, I made a set for a birthday gift and my friend made a bunch for Christmas presents, they are fun and versatile. Here are a few of mine, I used a poly tablecloth fabric and Amy Butler Garden Maze in 4 color ways. Theese have seen a few washings.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

taking a heart break

I took a BREAK from quilting because my neck was getting tired and wanted to make a few valentine things, got inspired from Rae and Katiedid, I hope my daughter loves the headband, pictures to come hopefully......

Friday, January 22, 2010

had to take a break from the quilts for a birthday gift

this little car wrap is the cutest little gift for the little guy in your life, this one will be going to my nephew for his 2nd birthday. Thanks to Jill and her very easy tutorial here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

little bits

pieces cut...and assembly line in place to work 2 twin size quilts at once. I have assembled one panel of the "little bits" strip and love it. My neck and back won't allow me to sew the second tonight but will finish tomorrow, this quilts comes together nice and quick!

Monday, January 11, 2010

it's time to quilt.....

this will be my first "real" quilt, I have made tie quilts, picnic blankets, baby blankets, etc. but never a real pieced, quilted, and bound quilt. Mt twin boys are getting ready to graduate to "big boy" beds and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to make the "little bits" quilt from the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts book, check out the flikr group, I plan on displaying my quilt here when finished.

So follow me on my journey of "little bits"

first the fabric.....

since I am making 2 quilts I am planning on using the same main fabric and accents for the "bits" but contrasting backgrounds to be different for each boy.

fabric came today soooo excited to start
next post will be of the "little bits" panel, see you soon