Wednesday, April 13, 2011

obsessed with granite and vintage yellow

I always loved Joel Dewberry's Aviary, I did not buy enough of it and now it is hard to find, but I was very happy when I saw he has a new Aviary2 out!  Actually I saw it at my favorite local fabric shop.  I did not know what I was going to make but just knew that I had to have some of this new fabric. This is the line, from my favorite online fabric source.  I have ordered some other fabrics from this line also, pictures to follow when I complete those projects.
I chose Ironwork in Granite and Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow, then I found this great hat pattern that fits EVERYONE! Now I love hats and actually like to make them but when I saw that this pattern would fit my toddler boys, my daughter, myself and could be used to make baby gifts....I was sold. So as usual when I buy new fabric it does not sit for long.  The hat pattern was easy to follow and I enjoyed making it.  I probably spent 3 hours total so this will definately be a keeper. The flower is detatchable, I have not decided if the flower is for me yet though.....

Joel Dewberry - Aviary 2 Fabric Collection

Joel Dewberry - Aviary 2 Fabric Collection: "Bloom in Granite View Fabric Damask in Cavern View Fabric Damask in Granite View Fabric Ironwork in Granite View Fabric Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow View Fabric Sparrows in Cavern View Fabric Sparrows in Vintage Yellow View Fabric Woodgrain in Vintage"