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Monday, April 8, 2013

scrappy log cabin update

rainy day and a change of plans gave me the perfect unexpected opportunity to sew
love it when that happens....
so here's where I'm at, I was debating on 9 or 12 squares, but think I'll keep it at 9, perfect wall hanging, lap or floor throw for baby
I went ahead and bordered in 2.5 white strips and like how that set off the blocks

now a trip to my favorite fabric shop for the backing and binding, they have had many fun and unusual juvenile prints lately, hope to find something tomorrow!

Friday, April 5, 2013

scrappy log cabin blocks

After all that talk yesterday about scraps I thought maybe I should use some! So inspired by red pepper quilts bright log cabin scrap quilt I got started on my first log cabin quilt.  Something that I personally am really attracted to is taking classic patterns and making them modern with new techniques and fabrics, since I'm a vintage modern girl ;)
red pepper quilts inspiration
Here is what I did this morning, I seem to have many children's novelty prints and polka dots...


4 blocks completed and I don't have a finished plan for this quilt, I am just going through my color boxes and completing one block at a time, since it is obviously a juvenile quilt I am guessing it will stay small, lap or crib size, might even be a nice "I spy" floor quilt, adding sashing would expand it also so who knows?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

BOM2 Block #1 I wanted to make my BOM2 blocks with scraps. do you define scraps?
Well, I buy designer fabrics most of the time, so if there is a scrap 1" wide after I cut, it goes into the :small" scrap bin, if it i large enough to be used again it gets folded back in with the large piece of fabric.  Why do you save such small scraps? I get asked frequently (especially by the shrapnel police) and I have even pulled out scraps I've found in the trash! I shout "hey, that's Amy Butler"and  my kids giggle.  Well if I paid $8-17/yd I want to get every bit used out of that yard.  If I need to make a greeting card, or little gift and have the opportunity to use a 1"x1" scrap of some of my fav fabric from my fav designers then the whole project just became a designer piece, even if its background is drop cloth.  I have many examples of this in action here on my blog.  It's kind of like tossing the bacon grease for a chef, don't do it!

This example pretty much sums up what I'm trying to say, my friend made me this bunting...
spot any designer prints? I can name three off hand.

ok enough about the idea of scraps....what I am getting at is when I thought I would do this quilt with scraps, I had to define scraps.  The BOM2 quilt has JUMBO blocks that measure 24.5" each so the blocks pieces are 4.5" wide and run from 4.5"-16.5" so my "scraps" need to be pretty big, but this does not mean I have to buy alot of fabric, just be using my "large" scraps for this one.....that all being said I did not have enough Kona solid to finish even one block...hahaha no problem I have not purchased my 5 yards needed of background fabric to complete this quilt, so now I have a reason to get out there and buy it!
Here is where I had to stop, I was short the 4.5"x16.5" pieces to complete the block

I followed the instructions she gave in great detail about starching, cutting, and "scant 1/4" a little extra prep work but I like the results.  I plan on making each block in one colorway.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

plus quilt quilted....but not finished

 The plus quilt is quilted and bound, so it may look finished, but...... I still have plans for it to be made into a zip up picnic blanket

I chose the backing fabric from this adorable set of novelty prints, its called Sherbet Pips- play dot by Angela Hoey for Moda Fabrics...look at the coordinates, they are so cute!

I chose to add left over squares into the binding to keep with the scrappy look of the quilt

I plan on writing a tutorial on the steps taken to turn any quilt into a zipper tote picnic blanket....
coming soon!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

finished quilting and binding

this was my first large scale free motion machine quilt project since I got my new Bernina last year.  I learned a few things along the way, but over all I love the finished product and it just fueled my desire to continue and quilt some we'll see whats up next, I am thinking something with the scraps I already have in the stash since the beautiful backing fabric from this quilt broke the fabric allowance for a bit, but well worth it!
Since the almond trees are so pretty the quilt wanted its photo shoot outside so here it is.

Monday, March 4, 2013

scallop quilt update

It has been time for finishing up projects.
First the hankie quilt.... I needed to find a way to display my Grandmas hankies in a useful and beautiful way. I used a white swiss dot for the sashing and boarders as well as the binding,  my goal was to let the colors of the hankies be the main focus of this quilt, I also backed the quilt top with interfacing and decided to hand tie rather than machine quilt.
Then I got to work on the scallop quilt.
The quilt pieces were set aside for other projects and when I went to pick them back up I found that I needed to re-iron them.  The ironing technique using the foil goes quickly, but still time consuming.  So the only other thing I have to say about the construction of this quilt is that the pieces are round so they are stretchy which can pull and become esque.  So this quilt is less than perfect....but colorful and pretty non the less.  I have the scallops, boarders and back ready to sandwich and quilt.
I have a little quilt corner where I can display quilts and linens on an old ladder.  I have hung my hankie quilt, and below that is a quilt my  great-grandmother hand embroidered, all 50 states and the sate bird.  Then she hand quilted this large King size quilt.  Such beautiful craftsmanship.

scallop quilt before the boarders
A sneak peek at the boarder and backing.....I cant wait to get this thing quilted!  I used Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Voile for the backing, I you have not touched this fabric yet......let me just say you need to!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

scallop quilt

this is Sandi Henderson's picnic quilt from her book "Sewing with Bits & Pieces"  I loved her color choices in the book, but Im a lover of green.  So I started collecting fabric in every shade of green.  The pattern calls for 80 different fabrics, thus the scraps as suggested in her title.
then she suggests following a method from one of our favorite bloggers AMH about curved piecing and it really is a time and finger saver.

here are my pieces cut and ironed, I was a little bit worried about some of the pressed edges came out, but when I started pinning them it worked out...phew..... didn't want to iron again!

then you top stitch them together...this is the most interesting technique about this quilt 
so Im 1/3 done, will post the completion hopefully soon...well the top anyways ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

zig zag quilt

I picked up 2 charm packs of this really colorful and fun fabric a while back, with intentions of a little quilt for my daughter. 
 I also have been wanting to make a zig zag quit for some time.  So this was a perfect match! 
I learned about a technique where you sew you white square right sides with your printed square.  Draw or iron a diagonal line or fold and sew 1/4" on each side of the line, you then cut on the line and you have two squares complete.  Its a genius quilting trick.  So I got going on cutting and piecing arranging my layout with my 5 year old input on how the colors should go.  She did not like the mixed up look like the quilts online, she wanted the 4 block that matched to stay together so I did as she asked and we put together a very color pleasing quilt.  I used a polkadot flat sheet for the backing and black and white dot for the binding.  I quilted along the zigzag and was able to complete the machine quilting in a few hours.
Here is the method I used for the blocks, you can arrange theese triangles in a number of ways to get so many different patterns, 4 finished blocks make one zig zag

Next on the list to finish this bed off is a pillow that requires some hand embroidery. Inspired by this lovely shop. To be done in the car on our family vacation. Coming soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

picnic blanket in a bag

I have a picnic blanket that I bought for I think $7, about 10 years ago. You fold it up and there is a zipper that goes around it and then it has a strap.  Great idea....ugly colors AND toooo small for my family of 7.  So a few years ago I was commissioned by an etsy customer to create "the ultimate picnic blanket" as she so lovingly referred to it.  This blanket started as a small project but got big real fast.  Her blanket ended up measuring almost the size of a king blanket.  The top was created from reproduction vintage prints and the back of a fabric called cordura, most commonly used for backpacks.  She chose this fabric because of its durability and waterproofness.  She lives in NY and wanted to keep all the muddy yucky street germs on the outside of her lovely fabric...who can blame her.  Well here is what I ended up creating for her....I did not want to give it up!

So I decided that I would eventually make one for our family since I had the practice on this one! Well that was spring 2008.......anyways I have been collecting jeans for many years now with the intentions of a big blanket some is the day!  I cut and cut and cut....there was a massive pile of denim squares and still had enough jeans left to make a few more blankets.  I also had an old duvet cover that I planned for the backing and binding.
cutting denim is very messy to say the least!

So maybe someday I will share a tutorial on how to add gussets and a zipper to a blanket.  It actually is quite simple just takes some thinking and SILENCE....I had to send the kids outside for this one.  Here is a picture of how it is applied. I used a 48" plastic zipper, a 4" strip of jeans and a nylon strap from an old duffel bag.

we have already used it ALOT!

Monday, May 2, 2011

baby quilt

I love the chance to make baby gifts, and its even more fun when the person you are making a gift for LOVES color.  This is a simple strip quilt, I made strips the width of the fabric by 2,3,or 5.  It sews up fast. 
Then I used It's a Hoot by Momo on the back
I quilted around the bird and the hills on the front and in the ditch on the other strips

I bound the quilt with Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Acorn Chain in Pond, love this fabric, it goes with so many prints.  One of those complimentary fabrics you can never have enough of.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Modern Meadow Quilt Top

Just finished a quilt top for a lap quilt for Fall.
Now that I am looking at it all together I am seeing I could have turned a few rows so matching fabrics were more spread out , but this is one of those projects I just want to finish, you know what I mean?
I have 2 quilts and 3 wall hanging to machine quilt and just want to get to it!
I bought the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow set in Sunny Day  from Hawthorn Threads and could not wait to dive in. My photo does not do the colors justice, when it is quilted I will take a better picture outside!