Saturday, November 10, 2012

make-up brush roll

after I made my duffle bag, and matching bathroom bag, I needed a wrap for my make-up brushes to go in so they didn't get make-up all over the inside of my bag.  This is a very quick and easy project.
I followed this tutorial it came out perfect.
 I used good ol' drop cloth, since it was plain and I needed an excuse to practice my free motion quilting I wrote out" brushes", 

jewelry clutch

It always seems like when I start packing for a trip I realize I need a new bag, a make up brush roll, an 
organizer for carrying accessories......

so while I should be cleaning the house or prepping something for the trip I start to sew, it never fails!
This is just how I work!
So searching for a tutorial that looks efficient and fast that I don't have to think or and customize very much, this is what I found.  I wanted to use a shiny satin on the inside and  my fabric was only 11" wide and I only had 9" zippers so I did make my clutch a bit narrower than the tute but its not crucial.
I keep fusible fleece on hand (buy at Joanns when interfacing are 50% off and stock up) I also keep a yard or so of vinyl for such projects and buy zippers in bulk from this shop on etsy because I always need a zipper.
OK So my photos are not great with the reflection of the vinyl but you get the jist...
so, make one for a Christmas gift this year!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

scallop quilt

this is Sandi Henderson's picnic quilt from her book "Sewing with Bits & Pieces"  I loved her color choices in the book, but Im a lover of green.  So I started collecting fabric in every shade of green.  The pattern calls for 80 different fabrics, thus the scraps as suggested in her title.
then she suggests following a method from one of our favorite bloggers AMH about curved piecing and it really is a time and finger saver.

here are my pieces cut and ironed, I was a little bit worried about some of the pressed edges came out, but when I started pinning them it worked out...phew..... didn't want to iron again!

then you top stitch them together...this is the most interesting technique about this quilt 
so Im 1/3 done, will post the completion hopefully soon...well the top anyways ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fathers day gifts

what do you give dads.....they give us so much! there is no gift to repay what they have done for us so i like to stick to functional practical gifts for the daddy's
this year it is a car kit filled with all the goodies that dad might forget...but will be glad when he finds them in his car kit! this project was easy and fast...also a great project if your are wanting to work with zippers but intimidated, because there is no turning or top stitching you just lay them flat and sew them on!
i used this tutorial from not martha....a place i like to visit from time to time (i want to totally steal her name because that's how i feel sometimes)

so, i followed her tute and it came out great!i thought the appliques were cute but not for our fathers,  i didn't want to make a trip to the fabric store so i rummaged through my stash and came up with this list of items for my supplies:
  • drop cloth canvas-for outer
  • old dress shirts-for binding (just the back panel of the shirt made about 4 yds bias tape, way more than needed)
  • old laundry bag-for pocket mesh
  • zippers from old laundry bags 
the only thing i might have done differently is to add interfacing and another layer of drop cloth just for stability, but i don't think its that crucial 
i hope they like em'

Monday, April 16, 2012

casserole carrier or......

"tater trailer"as I call mine due to the cutest vintage trailer fabric ever!
I meet with a few friends once a month to sew for a few hours at night and this is the project we chose for this past month.  After reviewing many tutorials we chose this one over at 2littlehooligans.  When we meet and agree on a project it is always interesting and fun to see how we each make it our own, so one of us chose to not quilt the layers just like in the photo, she finished her project first.  The other 2 of us, myself included wanted to quilt, it took us longer for that step, Then when it came to the handles we each had our own style again, one stuck to the tutorial, and I made my own based on the knowledge I had from make straps for other projects, we also added a little handle closure thingy to help keep the handles together when carrying.
This project can be fast and it one for the gift pile, now I need to have an excuse to use it........

Thursday, April 5, 2012

doily table runner

I am sure you have seen these doily runners popping up all over blog land and pinterest, well it was time I got one!  I have a box of lace and other sewing treasures that was given to me and I thought I remembered a number of doilies in there so I thought I would check it out....well I not only had enough for me I had enough for my friend to make one and probably a few gifts to come.... well here is my rendition, I sorted them out according to size, color, and style.  Then alternated for the layout, we probably fiddled with the layout for a few hours, then I decided to zig zag mine together, some others tied them but that was a little to tedious for me on this project, I was needing some instant gratification that day! So when you're shopping yard sales or antique stores and you see a pile of doilies...pick em up! (do you see my new Bernina in the back? thanks to my honey ;x )

Monday, April 2, 2012

free pants!

I have been gone for a long time I know.... but since I got my iphone I surf and check email on it and don't turn my computer on every day like I used to so.....I don't blog :( BUT! I have been sewing and have lots to share so here is what I did today and am excited about so the free pants go first! So there are shadows and my pics arent the best but thats what you get when you have to take pictures of yourself in the mirror.

Saw this pin on pinterest and knew I had the perfect pair of frumpy pants to try it on, they were going in the goodwill pile so if I ruined them I wouldn't care. So I tried them on inside out and started marking just like in this blog post, then I pinned the fabric together and sewed a straight line just as instructed in the mini tutorial.  It took me a few tries at the crotch and hips but I got it, I am a mother of 5 and have some teenagers (don't want to look like I squeezed into one of their pants!!! that's hilarious just to think about...I have unfortunately seen moms that look like this) so the supper tight look is not for me, but I think you will agree with me that this is a HUGE improvement! So examine your closet and I bet you will find some paints or skirts that are in need of an update.  This does not take any major sewing skills but if you are a little timid you can brush up on some sewing basics and tailoring skills here on Burda, they have great how to's

Thursday, February 16, 2012

a couch makeover and a single girl block

Its always nice to brighten up your living space with a fresh pillow sham!  I made covers for my ordinary couch which has a geometric fabric in warm Autumn colors...which I love in the fall and through the holidays it is very complimentary and cozy...but.....when the sun starts to come through the blinds I want to freshen things up so the white curtains go up and fresh shams.  I made these with Joel Dewberry Aviary line, they just make me happy.


I also recovered a floor pillow with the single girl pattern from DSQ a great scrap buster. I inserted a zipper along one whole side for easy removal and washing.

love the result!