Tuesday, September 11, 2012

scallop quilt

this is Sandi Henderson's picnic quilt from her book "Sewing with Bits & Pieces"  I loved her color choices in the book, but Im a lover of green.  So I started collecting fabric in every shade of green.  The pattern calls for 80 different fabrics, thus the scraps as suggested in her title.
then she suggests following a method from one of our favorite bloggers AMH about curved piecing and it really is a time and finger saver.

here are my pieces cut and ironed, I was a little bit worried about some of the pressed edges came out, but when I started pinning them it worked out...phew..... didn't want to iron again!

then you top stitch them together...this is the most interesting technique about this quilt 
so Im 1/3 done, will post the completion hopefully soon...well the top anyways ;)