Saturday, November 10, 2012

make-up brush roll

after I made my duffle bag, and matching bathroom bag, I needed a wrap for my make-up brushes to go in so they didn't get make-up all over the inside of my bag.  This is a very quick and easy project.
I followed this tutorial it came out perfect.
 I used good ol' drop cloth, since it was plain and I needed an excuse to practice my free motion quilting I wrote out" brushes", 

jewelry clutch

It always seems like when I start packing for a trip I realize I need a new bag, a make up brush roll, an 
organizer for carrying accessories......

so while I should be cleaning the house or prepping something for the trip I start to sew, it never fails!
This is just how I work!
So searching for a tutorial that looks efficient and fast that I don't have to think or and customize very much, this is what I found.  I wanted to use a shiny satin on the inside and  my fabric was only 11" wide and I only had 9" zippers so I did make my clutch a bit narrower than the tute but its not crucial.
I keep fusible fleece on hand (buy at Joanns when interfacing are 50% off and stock up) I also keep a yard or so of vinyl for such projects and buy zippers in bulk from this shop on etsy because I always need a zipper.
OK So my photos are not great with the reflection of the vinyl but you get the jist...
so, make one for a Christmas gift this year!