Friday, August 6, 2010

tuttie tute:: two handed oven mit

This two handed oven mit hangs on the oven door ready to use, its pretty, practical, fast  and whats stopping you from sewing?

step 1. CUT
 2- 8"x24" main fabric (the stripes)
 1- 8"x24" insulbright (heat reflective batting)
4- 8"x8" for pockets (2 for outer 2 for lining)
2- 8"x8" fusible fleece
2- 3"x8" decorative band (dots)
binding I cut my binding 3" wide (you can use store bought but why?)
step 2. CURVE
find a plate and cut your curves

step 3. POCKETS
starting with the bottom layer
lining wrong side up
fusible fleece
outer fabric right side up
(you can fuse in this step if you choose to use fusible fleece any batting works fine)

quilt a pattern or around the fabric design
pin and stitch decorative band right sides together to straight edge of pocket 1/4" seam

press upward
press raw edge to seam and then fold the folded edge of to your stitch line and pin
stitch in the ditch from the front

step 4. quilting

layer the large pieces
outer wrong side up
outer right side up

pin and machine quilt

step5.  attach pockets
pin pockets right side out to right side of main
stitch around pocket outer edge

step 6. BINDING
pin binding to BACK all the way around leaving about 4-5" open - stitch 1/4"
bring the left overs to the middle and finger press, pin and pull out to stitch binding seam
trim excess then stitch to mit
that might be confusing so check out molly's sketchbook on where i learned this revolutionary binding process (scroll down to "finish binding ends")

this is how it looks after the binding seam
after stitched down
now press binding to seam and turn to the front
pin and top stitch 1/8"
by stitching the binding to the back it allows you to top stitch on the front so you are sure to catch all the layers, sometimes when top stitching binding on the back side to the front suffers.

hope you get many tasty thing out of the oven with your mit

fabrics I used:
Joel Dewberry Aviary  - Broad Strip in green and Rose Damask in green
to dot is a scrap from an old project I don't know the name sorry :-(


  1. That's really cool. I wish I had time to try something like that.

  2. Very neat idea - and I love how thorough your tutorial is... I always feel like I need my hand held to jump into a project like this. :>) I linked on my weekly roundup - thanks for sharing!