Friday, February 19, 2010

braided headbands

made these headbands for my daughter and her friends.
  • 3 pieces of fabric in 3 colors cut to 1"x20"
  • 1 piece of elastic cut 4"
1-stack up the fabric strips, lay elastic ontop and stitch over a few times to make it sturdy
2-pull the elastic back and top stitch over the fabric, I spread out the fabric so it was less bulky under the presser foot
3-braid, keeping the printed side up
4-repeat step 1
try it on!
they are a little snug at first but stetch out over time

Thursday, February 18, 2010

well I promised a picture of binding....but its not on my quilt

had to finish a birthday present, once I learned how to make little zipper bag from here, I went crazy making all sizes and shapes, once you learn the basic technique you will love to make bags of all kinds, and you really don't need patterns. Sometimes I shop around online a famous makers to see whats out, they usually give the exact dimensions of their bag. Then I sketch it out with what I want and get to cutting. You can get a stash of zippers in a variety of colors from a couple of supply sellers on etsy, then its fun to go to your fabric closet and pull out scraps then get a funky zipper to match, its cheaper this way also to buy 10 at a time. So since i discovered binding my seams on Vera Jean I have been doing it ever since, on almost every project I make.I quilted free motion around the deer and put her name in for fun

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stiching and stiching and stitching......

Down to my last 18 rows of machine quilting on quilt #1 for the twins "little bits quilt". This portion of the process has taken much longer than I had anticipated, stitching rows the length of the quilt every inch, BUT...that's what will make it pretty later. The only thing keeping me going right now is that I will get to do binding VERY SOON!

I hope to have a binding picture tomorrow if I don't get too side tracked making another birthday present.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cloth napkin love.....

last summer my daughter and I decided to sew cloth napkins for our family, to see if we like using them we decided to use scraps first. So I got to cutting with the rotary, she ironed and I let her sew the hems, this is a great 1st project. There is a little corner trick if you want your napkins to look professional, look here for detailed instructions. I have used this method for napkins and table cloth corners, very nice. My next inspiration comes from good ol' purlbee because I LOVE BINDING these are great, I made a set for a birthday gift and my friend made a bunch for Christmas presents, they are fun and versatile. Here are a few of mine, I used a poly tablecloth fabric and Amy Butler Garden Maze in 4 color ways. Theese have seen a few washings.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

taking a heart break

I took a BREAK from quilting because my neck was getting tired and wanted to make a few valentine things, got inspired from Rae and Katiedid, I hope my daughter loves the headband, pictures to come hopefully......