Wednesday, May 5, 2010

quick mother's day gifts

there are many gift ideas that I come across and want to make, what it really comes down to is:
do I have to go to the store to make it and do I have the time?

I know this blog is about sewing but I also LOVE to crochet
so I had all of the supplies to whip up this nice set of body scrubs
here is what to do:

to crochet a little scrubbie:
use a small hook about H or so any size will do
cotton yarn or whatever you have, I used peaches n cream its nice and soft

chain 4 and join with slip stitch
in circle DC 17, join
2 SC in each DC around, finish off
repeat for a second piece but dont finish off
hold the two discs together and SC through both loops joining the 2 discs together, ch3 continue around
I made a loop on some:
2 strands SC 10 and fasten
2 strands SC10 and fasten at 2 points for a little holder

Body Scrub:
Lidded Glass Jar
2 cups epsom salt
1 cup carrier oil (I had olive oil)
8 drops essential oil (I used lavender)
food coloring

drop essential oil in the carrier oil and stir into salt, then add a little coloring and stir until color is even makes 2 cups, press into jars and decorate.
We made a personalized label and added some fresh lavender to top it off for a nice presentation


  1. Super cute, and your picture looks great! I might have to try that sometime.

  2. Wow! That's very cool. I think it made a wonderful present for Emma's KG teacher.