Monday, September 27, 2010

pillowcase love....

new photos:

I have made 6 pillowcases recently and have become very fond of making them...when I am not rushing and making foolish mistakes like pulling too hard when seam ripping and ripping the fabric instead of the thread....UGGGG, this is when I put the fabric down and walk away from the machine,  Well I picked it up again today to finish a gift.  My pillowcase journey started with this post, then it was changed when I read this tutorial and I ended up making my pillowcases with a comination of the two, I used the french seam idea for the side and bottom but used the "snake roll" as I am calling it for the top and it comes together soooo fast and so profdessional, I am addicted for sure.  Many more to come I hope, I want some for me!

My fabric choice for this set was:
Patricia Brave, Alhambra II
Main case: Arabesque Buds in Ivory
Cuff:: Tile Reflection in Olive
Trim: Mazy Bricks in Teal
Alhambra II Arabesque Buds Ivory by Art Gallery Fabrics - 1 yard
Alhambra II Tile Reflections Olive by Art Gallery Fabrics - 1 yardALHAMBRA II, Mazy Bricks in Teal  by Art Gallery Fabrics, 1 yard


  1. I think your mistake gave you the opportunity to make an even better pillowcase. I love that hexagon print!