Friday, March 12, 2010

tuttie tute: dishtowel

Finished Dimensions: 16"x24"
Supplies: Main fabric totaling to 17" wide x 27" long
Backing Absorbant fabric such as Cotton Birdseye (what diapers are made of)
Matching Thread

Cutting Fabric:
Use one solid piece or piece several fabrics together as I have done.  An easy way to do this is cut several strips and sew them together then cut your final dimensions.  I used flat fold cloth diapers that I had on hand for the backing.  I did not want the white to show on the front so my backing fabric is 1" shorter than my front

Sew the short end pieces first, this way you can fold the front to the back then do the side seams.  Below is a picture of the end seam pressed.
Then smooth out the front and fold over to back.  This is where the back pice being shorter comes in.  I iron a crease on the ends to give me a guide for when I turn wrong side out to stitch the sides.
Line up both ends and stitch side seams, dont forget to leave a space for turning the project like I almost did.  It is better to leave this opening sometwhere in the middle.  Trim corners.
Turn project and push out corners with corner tool.  Press.

I like to top stitch all the way around 1/8" to keep the towl together.

I love this Rober Kaufman fabric so much, it is very kitcheny, once again I wish they were for me.  Sometimes it seems that all I do is make gifts, but I love doing it.
The store had the beater frbric in black and white which I must go back and get for myself.
Excellent gift.  Pair it togehether with a pot holder, and ruffle gloves. tute comming soon.

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  1. very cool idea! I'm looking forward to the other tutorials. Nice fabric too.