Monday, April 16, 2012

casserole carrier or......

"tater trailer"as I call mine due to the cutest vintage trailer fabric ever!
I meet with a few friends once a month to sew for a few hours at night and this is the project we chose for this past month.  After reviewing many tutorials we chose this one over at 2littlehooligans.  When we meet and agree on a project it is always interesting and fun to see how we each make it our own, so one of us chose to not quilt the layers just like in the photo, she finished her project first.  The other 2 of us, myself included wanted to quilt, it took us longer for that step, Then when it came to the handles we each had our own style again, one stuck to the tutorial, and I made my own based on the knowledge I had from make straps for other projects, we also added a little handle closure thingy to help keep the handles together when carrying.
This project can be fast and it one for the gift pile, now I need to have an excuse to use it........

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