Thursday, April 5, 2012

doily table runner

I am sure you have seen these doily runners popping up all over blog land and pinterest, well it was time I got one!  I have a box of lace and other sewing treasures that was given to me and I thought I remembered a number of doilies in there so I thought I would check it out....well I not only had enough for me I had enough for my friend to make one and probably a few gifts to come.... well here is my rendition, I sorted them out according to size, color, and style.  Then alternated for the layout, we probably fiddled with the layout for a few hours, then I decided to zig zag mine together, some others tied them but that was a little to tedious for me on this project, I was needing some instant gratification that day! So when you're shopping yard sales or antique stores and you see a pile of doilies...pick em up! (do you see my new Bernina in the back? thanks to my honey ;x )

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