Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fathers day gifts

what do you give dads.....they give us so much! there is no gift to repay what they have done for us so i like to stick to functional practical gifts for the daddy's
this year it is a car kit filled with all the goodies that dad might forget...but will be glad when he finds them in his car kit! this project was easy and fast...also a great project if your are wanting to work with zippers but intimidated, because there is no turning or top stitching you just lay them flat and sew them on!
i used this tutorial from not martha....a place i like to visit from time to time (i want to totally steal her name because that's how i feel sometimes)

so, i followed her tute and it came out great!i thought the appliques were cute but not for our fathers,  i didn't want to make a trip to the fabric store so i rummaged through my stash and came up with this list of items for my supplies:
  • drop cloth canvas-for outer
  • old dress shirts-for binding (just the back panel of the shirt made about 4 yds bias tape, way more than needed)
  • old laundry bag-for pocket mesh
  • zippers from old laundry bags 
the only thing i might have done differently is to add interfacing and another layer of drop cloth just for stability, but i don't think its that crucial 
i hope they like em'

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