Wednesday, April 13, 2011

obsessed with granite and vintage yellow

I always loved Joel Dewberry's Aviary, I did not buy enough of it and now it is hard to find, but I was very happy when I saw he has a new Aviary2 out!  Actually I saw it at my favorite local fabric shop.  I did not know what I was going to make but just knew that I had to have some of this new fabric. This is the line, from my favorite online fabric source.  I have ordered some other fabrics from this line also, pictures to follow when I complete those projects.
I chose Ironwork in Granite and Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow, then I found this great hat pattern that fits EVERYONE! Now I love hats and actually like to make them but when I saw that this pattern would fit my toddler boys, my daughter, myself and could be used to make baby gifts....I was sold. So as usual when I buy new fabric it does not sit for long.  The hat pattern was easy to follow and I enjoyed making it.  I probably spent 3 hours total so this will definately be a keeper. The flower is detatchable, I have not decided if the flower is for me yet though.....


  1. Nice job! Those fabrics are pretty. I noticed that Strawberry Patches moved to a new location. I would love to go there sometime, but I haven't been sewing enough lately. I am thinking about getting started again.

    I still have a huge stockpile of fabric, so I really need to make a dent in it before I can go shopping for more.

  2. I forgot to write that I really like the flower!