Friday, April 5, 2013

scrappy log cabin blocks

After all that talk yesterday about scraps I thought maybe I should use some! So inspired by red pepper quilts bright log cabin scrap quilt I got started on my first log cabin quilt.  Something that I personally am really attracted to is taking classic patterns and making them modern with new techniques and fabrics, since I'm a vintage modern girl ;)
red pepper quilts inspiration
Here is what I did this morning, I seem to have many children's novelty prints and polka dots...


4 blocks completed and I don't have a finished plan for this quilt, I am just going through my color boxes and completing one block at a time, since it is obviously a juvenile quilt I am guessing it will stay small, lap or crib size, might even be a nice "I spy" floor quilt, adding sashing would expand it also so who knows?

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