Wednesday, March 13, 2013

plus quilt picnic blanket

Well I finished 2 quilts already this month and now I can't stop!
I have been wanting to make a quilt entirely of my scraps, and since I buy new fabric for most projects, my scraps have added up.   I store them in clear bins by color and knew that I had enough of each color to make a spectrum quilt.  This quilt is a gift and I plan on turning it into one of my  picnic blankets in a bag.
Here is one of my inspirations, as there were many on pinterest of course....I was considering using soilds like FITF to break it up but after I finished cutting I had enough to do the whole quilt.
Here is the top half, I had to lay it out in sections my table is not large enough for the whole thing......more to come soon im sure.

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